Fans on the continent aren’t being left out of the loop, though. A European and far Eastern tour is currently being planned, presumably to take place after the U.K. tour.

After a career high in 2001 (the band sold out tours throughout Europe and saw their third album, Echo Park, hit the U.K. top 5) Feeder came crashing down.

At the start of the year, founding member and drummer Jon Lee committed suicide at his Miami home. Feeder played a total of four live shows in the year but managed to release an album in October. Comfort In Sound sees lead singer Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose joined by Mark Richardson on drums.

Since Lee’s death, Feeder have picked up the pieces and soldiered on, but they fear being defined as “the band with the drummer who killed himself.”

In an interview with Brit metal magazine Kerrang! this past August, Nicholas said, “I just want to say one thing. I know you want to talk about Jon and stuff, and that’s fine. But this is the next chapter of what we are as a band and I want to make sure that people realize that. Please be positive about it, otherwise it’s very hard for us to carry on doing it.”

But carry on they have and fans have embraced Feeder’s music even more, as indicated by the many sold out shows on their upcoming tour. In addition, Comfort In Sound is being hailed as the best album of their career.

“We’ve come too far, we’ve got too many fans out there, and there’s too many people that have really stuck by us over the years,” Nicholas said. “It just seems too tragic to give up now. We’re a good band, but we’ve got a lot more left in us before we call it a day.”