Despite their name sounding like a member of the “Transformers” crew, Ladytron are anything but robotic. Since their debut single, “He Took Her To A Movie,” at the end of the ‘90s, they’ve stamped a name for themselves as pop purists and have been welcomed warmly by British music critics and fans of the genre alike.

Shortly after the release of their debut album, 604, Ladytron hit the festival scene and toured Europe extensively for one year. While they drew the crowds for their music, the band were also hailed for their chic fashion sense.

Ladytron’s sophomore disc, Light & Magic, was released at the start of December in the U.K.

Unlike Ladytron, who strive for absolute perfection in their art, right down to their look, Simian employ a “first-take philosophy” regarding their music and recording procedures.

“The name Trial and Error [Studios] really sums up our attitude towards making music,” they say. “The mistakes along the way are as important as the goal you are striving for. We’re too impatient to always wait for the technically perfect performance. We like to capture the pure essence of the process and are happy to leave in the crackle from a dirty pot, the accidental note or the sound of the batteries running out.”

And it’s Simian’s perfect imperfection that has won them fans worldwide, including the States. Their second album, We Are Your Friends, is in the Top 10 college radio charts.