It’s been wall-to-wall date. city, state, venue, over and over, as we slam in the latest routings for The Be Good Tanyas and Galactic. We’ve been inundated with data, immersed in info and deluged with dates for the past few days, causing us to fall behind in our quest to bring you the latest itineraries for all your concert favorites. Yes, we’ve let a few things slide, but in the immortal words of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, we apologize.

You see, we have a good excuse this time. We had an important visitor.

That’s right. Former President Bill Clinton stopped by our offices last Monday, keeping alive a tradition that dates back to 1974 when Richard Nixon visited our headquarters and personally autographed a few tapes for our staff.

Of course, all work stops when a former president comes by for a look-see, and this time was no exception. Mr. Clinton attracted quite the crowd as he transferred the dates for Cher and Tori Amos to his own PDA, right before he inspected our world-famous employee kitchen where renowned chefs from Paris serve up the most tantalizing french fries this side of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, deep-fried treats, along with dates for Lisa Stansfield, Indigo Girls and Agua Dulce, fuel this ex Commander in Chief. It sure was a Monday to remember.

As you can guess, it was a pretty hectic Monday with a former president hanging around our offices. When he wasn’t entertaining us with sax renditions of Elton John songs, he was reciting Al Gore limericks. You know, you’d be surprised to learn how many words rhyme with bland. We know we were.

So, if the dates for Darden Smith or Cast Iron Filter don’t appear as fast as they should, please understand, we’ve definitely had our hands full giving Mr. Clinton the grand tour of our operations. Furthermore, we’ve been a little short-handed around the compound, mainly because he took all of our interns out for cocktails at the finest place around, Chez Fresno. Yes, last Monday was one for the record books.

But we’ll be back up to speed as soon as those interns return. Hmmm… We wonder what’s keeping them.