The Kidz FunFest runs from June 20 through August 10 and brings the top names in kids entertainment to Dollywood. Special guests Bob The Tomato and Larry The Cucumber from Veggie Tales will be on deck as the two headline their own stage production show in Dollywood’s Showstreet Palace Theatre.

“I love kids,” Dolly said. “I was never able to have any of my own, so I kind of feel a special connection to all children. Things are so much bigger and brighter when seen through the eyes of a child and our new Kidz FunFest at Dollywood is going to be the biggest you’ll find anywhere.

“We’ll have all kinds of fun and exciting things for kids, whether they’re three or 93. Families are really going to love this.”

In addition to street performances, hands-on activities and stage shows, the seven-week-long fest will also feature an extreme sports show with skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX bikers showing off their mad skills.

All of the Kidz FunFest activities are included in the price of a one-day Dollywood admission. Check out for all the ticket information.