You know, ever since my pal Tony Pollstar took over the family tour date operation, we’ve been receiving a few inquiries as to how the new management is going to respond to customer service complaints. Seems that some of youse people are concerned that we won’t take any of your complaints seriously. Not to worry, for not only do we read every complaint, but we also make a note as to the name of the complainant, the nature of the complaint, as well as the complainant’s name, age, address and next of kin. So, don’t worry. We got youse gripers covered. It’s like Tony sez, “You asked for it, and we’re gonna give it to you.”

Good customer service is essential when you run a free tour-info Web site, and Tony wants all of you to feel at home while looking up your favorite acts, whether that be Bob Dylan, The Divine Comedy or Galactic, and he doesn’t want to hear anyone mouthin’ off about how long it takes the R.E.M. dates to appear on the screen, or why the dates for Bruce Springsteen’s next leg seem to be trickling out slower than the truth at a Congressional hearing. In other words, if someone complains, Tony wants that person dealt with, pronto. It’s just like Tony always sez; “All our customers have nice things to say about us, or they say nothing at all.”

You see, Tony likes things simple. All he asks is that you treat him with respect and he’ll treat you like he treats everybody else. So if you’re looking over the dates for Willie Nelson and you think we might have missed a couple, or if you’re checking out the itineraries for Papa Roach, Yanni and The Wallflowers, and you spot a couple of venues out of order, be advised that you should probably keep your comments to yourself. Loose lips, sinks stiffs, and things like that, you know?

After all, it’s just like Tony always sez; “Fractures speak louder than words.”