We think we really overdid it last night. Had too much of a good time, if you know what we mean. Here, why don’t you look over the dates for Umphrey’s McGee and Monte Montgomery while we tell you about it. And remember, try to keep the noise down. Okay?”

We’re not sure, but we think things started to get out of hand when one of our salespeople spiked the communal coffee pot with Canadian whiskey, which immediately resulted in a hockey game breaking out amongst the sales staff. Gosh, amidst all the body checking and high sticking we were barely able to wrap up the routings for DaVinci’s Notebook, and Wayne “The Train” Hancock. Luckily, the sales manager ended up having to do ten minutes in the penalty box or we’d have never finished those schedules in time.

Well, monkeys see, monkeys do, and our computer department was no exception. When the I.T. staff saw what the sales department was getting away with, they immediately launched into a game of extreme charades. Wired on coffee, Jolt Cola and some little white pills our half human / half Vulcan chief of I.T., Ivan, picked up at the local truck stop, they proceeded to act out their favorite scenes from Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. You can bet all those light sabers, blasters and rockets really disrupts one’s concentration when researching new dates for David Allan Coe and Deanna Bogart. On the other hand, they came up with ten different ways to permanently dispose of Jar Jar Binks, so at least some good came out of the entire affair.

But attitude is contagious and soon the entire staff was goofing on high octane-induced shenanigans. Our fact checking of the schedules for Embodyment and The Vines was constantly interrupted by our personnel director, who donned her Xena: Warrior Princess costume from last Halloween, including metal breast plate and sword, and demanded that “we bow down before her and deliver the respect that a princess deserves.” Meanwhile, our Box Office editor kept insisting that we “pull his finger.” It was one of those days.

We must admit that things got out of hand yesterday, proving once again that booze and Pollstar.com employees are definitely an explosive mix that must be handled with extreme caution. However, after the police left we were able to clean up the broken furniture, enter a few dates for Stephen Lynch, replace the shattered windows and put our Box Office editor’s finger back into its socket. Yesterday was one for the record books, for sure.

In fact, it almost prevented us from starting our New Year’s Eve party on time. Now, that would have been a real disaster.