Lavigne has announced dates for her first ever tour.

“I’m really excited because it’s my first tour and I’m headlining,” Lavigne said. “I’m also excited because we’re going to be playing, like, every night.”

And she’s not kidding either. Lavigne’s schedule starts with one-off gigs in Ohio and Singapore in January and moves to Europe in March. From there, she’ll rock the sk8er kids through the end of the month, with hardly a day off for sight-seeing. Fellow Canadians Our Lady Peace will be opening for the U.K./European leg.

Lavigne returns to the U.S. in mid-April. Gigs are still being confirmed and more are expected to be added to the current schedule, which includes stops in the Midwest and North East.

Not only is this Lavigne’s debut headlining tour, but it’s her first tour, period. For all the hype, Lavigne has been a rare sight on the concert stage, performing mostly at radio-sponsored festivals. However, the format has helped the rookie cut her chops in front of thousands of fans, prepping her for the journey ahead.

Her debut album, Let Go, has been certified platinum four times over.