If his Margaritas & Señoritas outing is anything like last year’s No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem tour, Chesney is a shoo-in for a slot on POLLSTAR’s annual Top 50 tours list. He nabbed the No. 22 spot for 2002, with the tour earning $21.3 million. That’s an impressive statistic considering his ticket prices were at least $10 lower than those above him.

Like his tour last year, Chesney is keeping ticket prices for his new shows low.

“I remember being young and saving up for shows. And now, it’s way too expensive,” Chesney said. “I want the fans to come out. I want them to be able to afford to do that, not have to scrimp and save and sacrifice. I want ‘em all to come and to rock.”

Those tickets already on sale range from around $30 to just over $40.