“I can’t imagine anyone getting up to go to the refrigerator with Shania Twain performing on the 50-yard line,” Michael Sievert of AT&T Wireless said.

Other artists scheduled to sing at one point or another during the event include the Dixie Chicks (who will sing the national anthem), Celine Dion (singing “God Bless America”), and Santana (performing during the pre-game show).

“Anyone who tells you there’s no pressure to sing the national anthem live to one of the biggest television audiences on the planet is not telling the truth,” Emily Robinson of the Chicks said. “Sure, I’m a little nervous, but we’re all also very excited and honored for the privilege.”

Additional performers will, no doubt, be forthcoming.

Last year’s show featured U2 Paul McCartney, Mary J. Blige, Marc Anthony, Wynonna, Yolanda Adams, James Ingram, Patti LaBelle, and Barry Manilow on the stage.