The outing will be an acoustic venture, with the Indigo Girls’ backing band left home. However, that doesn’t mean the supporting artists will be unplugged. Latin band Cordero will bring their fusion of Latin rhythms and Southern gothic stories alongside the country crooning of Kim Richey and pop leanings of Paul Melançon.

Although his name may be new to most, Paul Melançon is no stranger to diehard Indigo Girls fans. He’s currently opening for Amy Ray & The Butchies.

The Girls managed to make it onto POLLSTAR’s Top 100 Tours of 2002. They nabbed the No. 76 spot, just behind Guns N’ Roses and ahead of Tim McGraw, although the Indigo Girls packed in more than five times the number of gigs than either of those two.

Earlier last year, the Indigo Girls celebrated the then-pending release of Become You with a club tour previewing the new material from February through March. They followed that by hitting Europe full-blast in April before heading back to the States for a tour that spread into fall.