So, who exactly is part of this cast of musicians? Only a who’s who in jam bands, that’s all. Appearing at both shows are ekoostik hookah, horn players from Deep Banana Blackout, Chris Littlefield from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Tye North (former bassist with Leftover Salmon), The Recipe, Mike Perkins of The Shantee, Jambay (Matt Butler, Chris Haugen, and Mike Sugar), Brandon Creasman from The Electric Magi, Zach Gill of A.L.O., and Chris Davis from Deepwater. It’s anybody’s guess if Phish members will show up, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

“Throughout the night, improvisational grooves will be the underlying foundation and different players will be highlighted doing what they do best,” Orchestra founder and Jambay member Matt Butler said.

“In every show, there are a number of jams with a mix of the players from small to medium-sized ensembles. Then there are conducted jams in which the entire orchestra is onstage together, following directions on giant placards. This means anything from key changes and instrumentation jam-offs to barnyard sounds. You get the picture.

“Finally, there are highlighted mini-sets with members of individual bands playing their songs and probably joined by a few other key players from the orchestra.”

Who knows: maybe a reader will be the lucky guest conductor for a song or two. A raffle will be held at the event with the winner awarded the conductor spot.

Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Buckeye Forest Council – a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Ohio’s native forests.

Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 the day of the show, and go on sale January 25 through Ticketmaster.

This isn’t the first Everyone Orchestra show, nor are the members the same as always. Traditionally, the orchestra tends to pull participants from bands in the area – be they local or those passing through on tour. But every show is a benefit gig, giving back to environmentally conscience groups, particularly those concerning the conservation of forests, as that’s Butler’s passion.