Near the start of the tour, King Crimson will release their first full-length album in three years. The Power To Believe evolved on the band’s last tour – which saw them sharing the stage with Tool as well as headlining their own venture – before they hit the studio in the summer of 2002.

“[King Crimson founder] Robert [Fripp] considers an album to be the end of a chapter and a tour to be the start of a chapter, which is the opposite way most musicians work,” drummer Pat Mastelotto said. “The songs are worked out and perfected on tour before they are recorded for an album.”

Following that theory, perhaps concert-goers attending these new shows will not only be treated to tunes spanning the band’s 40 years and the new songs from The Power To Believe, but songs for a future album as well.

As with previous tours, advanced tickets will be available through SCI Ticketing, with Ticketmaster handling all other orders.