We have an evil twin.

No one knows when our evil twin made its debut among the individual records that make up the itineraries for acts like Eagles, David Gray and 50 Cent. Some say our sinister sibling first appeared shortly after the dilithium explosion in the main processing pit which scattered the dates for The Exit and Dave Davies all over the Eden-like Fresno countryside. Others claim our dastardly doppelganger rose out of the ruins of the ancient promoter burial grounds upon which this company was built. However, the most recent survey shows that the majority of our users believe our malevolent mirror image arrived on the scene at the same time Joe Millionaire debuted on Fox Television. After all, evil rarely arrives by chance.

How can you tell the difference between our good side and our evil dark side? It’s quite simple, actually. No matter if you’re browsing the new dates for Pete Yorn, or looking at the additions for Cher, you should be on guard for the forces of malice and wickedness striking at any moment. You might feel a slight electrical surge through your hands. Your hair may stand on end and a deep, vile rumbling might emerge from the depths of your bowels, causing you to rise from your chair, strip off your clothes, and run out into the street naked, ranting about how the entire concert industry is “out to get you,” and that they won’t stop until you buy tickets for Slightly Stoopid, Paul McCartney and Linkin Park!

And then there’s our evil sideā€¦