Luckily, someone in the group is thinking ahead.

The Blue Man Group have announced dates for their first ever full-production rock tour. The outing is in support of the new album, The Complex, due out April 22 – just before the band’s Coachella shows, which launch the outing. Dates stretch through the start of June with additional summer shows expected to be announced later.

“When we first started conceiving the rock tour for The Complex, our vision was so ambitious we knew we’d have to get the best production designer in the world to pull it off,” Blue Man founder Chris Wink said. “So, we went straight to the top, to one of our artistic heroes, to Marc Brickman who designed Pink Floyd’s tours and many of the most memorable rock experiences.

“Marc’s technical knowledge and unique creative perspective is pushing our work to new levels. This show will not look like anything anyone has ever seen.”

“[We will] take what we know as the rock ‘n roll experience and break the mold,” Brickman said. “The ephemeral nature of lighting – while on the surface a dramatic painting tool – can help to both translate the Blue Man experience and further explore the abstract realm that is their world.

“Just as music drives the listener’s experience beyond the beat, melody and lyrics, lighting is the energy that allows the viewer to transcend the here and now.”

Tickets for the tour will go on sale around April 1 in selected markets. Check for all the latest ticket information.