Capping the band’s tour, which runs from July 7-31, is the first-ever It festival. The fest – August 2-3 – is Phish’s first since their millennium concert at the end of December in 1999 and marks the group’s return to the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine. The site will ring a bell with Phish fans as that’s where the band staged The Great Went in 1997 and Lemonwheel the following year.

As with all Phish festivals, It will feature on-site camping, three sets of Phish each day, as well as a number of attractions and art installations created by teams of artists and performers.

Tickets for It will hit the Web really soon, with the sale starting March 27 at both Phish’s online ticketing site and through Ticketmaster.

In an effort to allow concert-goers closer proximity to the stage, capacity for the It event will be limited. Prior Phish events as such have drawn crowds of 80,000 people.

As for the summer tour, which launches July 7, a limited number of tickets will be available through Phish’s ticket-by-mail service at Mark your calendars for April 18 because that’s the magic day they’ll be up for grabs. The sale ends on the 22nd with the public getting their shot starting May 9.