“Of all the venues hosting the R.E.M. tour, I like Atlanta’s best because they have the shiniest turnstiles.”

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“Did you ever notice that the tickets for Peter Case feel just a bit thicker than the tickets for Switchfoot or Mannheim Steamroller?”

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“We told the kids that Rover was run over by Stanley Clarke’s tour bus. But what really happened was that we sold him to a cosmetics lab so we could buy tickets for Kottonmouth Kings and Mary Prankster.”

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“Why is it Crosby, Stills & Nash?’ I mean, that order makes no sense at all. If anything, they should be listed alphabetically, like Crosby, Nash & Stills. And while I think of it, Where’s Young?”

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“They’re listed that way because back when CS&N first hooked up, it was customary to list the musicians in order of their body weight.”

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“Of course, that wasn’t the first time we sold a family pet to raise money for concert tickets. Back in ’88 we sold our canary to Ozzy Osbourne.”

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“Myself, I like the corporate naming of venues. I mean, a name like Verizon-DTE Energy-HiFi-Sears-Viagra-BestBuy-Alpo-Tweeter Amphitheatre just drips with music. That’s the kind of place I want to see Vanilla Ice and David Lee Roth.”

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“I used to be a Boston groupie, but I got tired of having to find something to do with myself between tours.”

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“Now, some people will tell you that Anaheim’s has the shiniest turnstiles, but what do you expect from people who named their hockey team The Ducks??”

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