Actually, that’s not what people ask us. Usually, after inquiring about our genetic relationship to other members of the animal kingdom, or making suggestions that are physically impossible to carry out, most of our users sign off with a quick “How the hell did you get this job, anyway?”

Good question.

Of course, most of our employees, the same ones who processed today’s new tours such as Toots & The Maytals and Gipsy Kings, were hired through conventional human resource channels. In fact, high school career days, college recruiting drives and parole board hearings resulted in hiring more than 75 percent of our workforce. Yet, it is that remaining 25 percent consisting of some of the most unique workers in the labor pool that makes this Web site different than all the others.

For example, our support act editor used to work for the government and was responsible for daily operations at Area 51 until a nasty mix up in the matter-teleportation lab forced her to take early retirement, and our sales manager was a door-to-door salesman for Anheuser-Bush until his back gave out from carrying all those kegs.

Then there’s our chronological month-date coordinator, whose responsibility is to ensure that all the days match up with the proper months. She used to work in the world of medical herbal treatments until that fateful day when the attorney general showed up and drafted her bosses to work in the ever-growing license plate stamping industry. Yes, even though they all had careers with futures, they gave them up in order to bring you new tours, such as the latest routings for Journey and Neil Young, each and every day.

What does it take to be a tour date researcher? Inquisitive minds, limber bodies, a firm grasp and strong steady ankles are definitely a plus when dealing with the concert industry, but our unique requirements often force us to look outside the available labor pool to recruit workers that can properly process tour schedules for Elton John or Pearl Jam. Here at we celebrate the individual. For it is the uniqueness of our individual employees that makes this company the pinnacle of efficiency that the business world has known and respected for over 70 years. Yes, uniqueness is requirement number one if you want to toil in these data fields.

That, and being able to fit into the one-size-fits all uniform, including clip-on tie, blazer and beanie. After all, order must be maintained.