McCartney opened the British segment of his Back in the World tour with a Saturday concert in Sheffield, northern England. He called off a second show in Sheffield Sunday, said his spokesman Geoff Baker.

“I’ve caught a cold which made my voice start to go after last night’s show,” Baker quoted McCartney, 60, as saying.

“I woke up this morning with virtually no voice. I’ve been doing all that I can to try and get my voice back and I tried singing a couple of numbers at a sound check this afternoon, but nothing has worked and so I am afraid I have to cancel this show in order to save the other gigs on the tour.”

Organizers told fans planning to attend to keep their tickets and an apologetic McCartney promised the show would be rescheduled.

McCartney last toured Britain in 1993. He plans concerts in Manchester, Birmingham and London and will play the Beatles’ hometown, Liverpool, in June.