Apparently, event organizers were originally eyeing Godsmack to fill out the Summer Sanitarium bill, but the band took one look at the $55 ticket price and said “no thanks.”

“[It’s] a big issue for us [when] a kid has to go to his mother at 16 years old and ask her for $200 just to go to a concert, get a bottle of water and a T-shirt,” vocalist Sully Erna told MTV. “Also, they seemed to have their key bands picked anyway and since we’ve got a new record, we feel we have to support this record ourselves.

“We’ve always built this band up from the street level and tried to build our own entity.”

A few radio show festivals aside, Godsmack’s tour looks to launch at the end of April, with various support including Cold and Breaking Benjamin on select shows. After the U.S. leg wraps in June, they have plans of heading on over to Europe and then returning to the States in the fall, but no shows have been announced yet.

Voodoo Tribe members will get first shot at the tickets with a pre-sale that starts April 25 for Miami. Members are also eligible for such goodies as band meet-and-greets, contests, insider news, and preferred concert seating. Check out the band’s Web site,, for the full scoop.

It’s not known at press time how much the tickets to Godsmack’s tour will be going for, but we can guess they’ll be below the $55 mark.

Along with keeping ticket prices low, Godsmack have also priced their new album, Faceless, lower than the typical new release price. For these rockers, it’s all about giving back to the fans.