There are still several venues and cities to be confirmed, but most of the dates booked right now look to be in the Midwest and East.

This pairing marks the second time Dylan and The Dead have joined forces for a full-scale tour. Actually, last time they toured was in 1987 when The Dead were the Grateful Dead. Together, the two artists sold out stadiums across the country on a co-headlining tour. Back then, tickets were a bargain $20. This time around, fans can expect to pay upward of $50 – still not that bad, all things considered.

Tickets for the second leg go up for grabs starting May 3 through or Ticketmaster. Tickets for the first leg are already on sale.

Dylan will be playing a set with his band, then sitting in on a session with The Dead. Willie Nelson and Steve Winwood will do the same when they tag along during the first leg. The shows are expected to be four-hour, two-set gigs, which will include Grateful Dead classics as well as new Dead material.

As previously reported, singer Joan Osborne is joining The Dead for the first time, lending a female voice to their music. She’ll be busy swapping shows between The Dead and a support slot with the Dixie Chicks.

Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan’s last joint tour resulted in a live album, cleverly titled Dylan & The Dead.

This is the band’s first tour under their new moniker. Last year, when the former Grateful Dead members reunited, they chose the name The Other Ones. However, that was switched earlier this year when the band decided to closer reflect their original name while respecting the memory of Jerry Garcia.