The new dates come in support of their third album, Polaris.

“The first records were building blocks,” guitarist/singer Luther Dickinson said. “We’ve been thinking and talking about Polaris since 1999. We were on a three-record plan and we always knew that number three would be our most ambitious album.”

Ambitious is also the term to describe The North Mississippi Allstars’ touring schedule; they’re pretty much always on the road.

A couple years ago when speaking to POLLSTAR about their heavy touring schedule, Dickinson said, “I think there’s a spirit that lives in the music that can only get, you can only conjure up when you’re rolling every day.

“It’s a new city, another gig every night, and you do that long enough, you get this energy, this perpetual motion-type energy that I think people respond to more than actually the music itself, in a lot of cases.

“But that’s my life force, man. I love that feeling more than anything.”

And that “feeling” is what keeps these guys on the road, day in and day out.

Catch The North Mississippi Allstars as they traverse the States from now through the end of July. A good chunk of the shows fall in the South, but fans up and down either coast will get a crack too.