Now, they’re pretty much an international kitsch sensation.

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players – little Rachel on drums, wife Tina as the slideshow projectionist, and Jason covering everything else – are out on their most ambitious tour yet.

They’ve just added a second leg to their Woke Up In A Psychedelic Daydream Tour, which finds the trio visiting West Coast venues from mid-June.

In addition to their own tour, the Trachtenburgs are making a little room for some festival fun. They’ve signed on for Bonnaroo and the new Field Day, as well as All Tomorrow’s Parties in Los Angeles, although date confirmations have yet to be worked out for that one.

According to the band’s official Web site, what they do can be summed up in an easy sentence: “We take people’s vintage slides that we purchase at estate and yard sales and turn them into pop rock exposures.”

Apparently, they think they’ve stumbled onto the holy grail because they boldly state, “A concept that, if applied correctly, will change the future of entertainment.”

It remains to be seen if the slideshow is the future of entertainment. But for now, the Trachtenburgs have found a rabid cult following – and it’s growing daily.