LL made a big return last year, launching his first tour in nearly five years. The outing, along with his then-new album X, was a hit with fans.

As for Dru Hill, well, they’ve been largely out of the spotlight in recent years. The group – who many thought had fallen by the wayside if not completely broken up – released their Dru World Order album late last year. The album also saw the addition of the newest member, Scola.

It’s been several years – since 1999, to be exact – since the band has toured as a collective. In between, a couple of the members did their own solo thing. Now, Sisqo, Nokio, Woddy, and Jazz, along with Scola, are ready to hit the road again.

Dates for the LL Cool J and Dru Hill tour run from June 5 through the end of July. Dru Hill have a couple of shows before the joint outing – including one in the U.K. – and several after, while LL Cool J is doing his own thing as well, before and after hooking up with Hill.