The itinerary is chock-a-block, with the duo resting hardly a day between June 16 and July 5. They then flip-flop between festivals in the U.K. and the States for the rest of the month.

Joining the Stripes is newish group Whirlwind Heat. No strangers to the Stripes’ onstage antics, the Heat have been opening for the Stripes for most of this spring.

Whirlwind Heat go back a ways with The White Stripes. Well, they go back a couple of years anyway. The band met Jack White through some complicated industry networking and ended up recording their full-length debut, Do Rabbits Wonder?, with him last year.

After causing a stir on the charts and in critics’ ramblings with their White Blood Cells album in 2002, The White Stripes returned earlier this year with Elephant. And the critics drooled once again.