Earlier this year, Dismemberment Plan announced that, after nearly 10 years together, they were splitting, but not before they embarked on one final tour. Well, the time has come. Dates are in for the band’s last outing and they start at the end of this month with a benefit concert in their hometown of Washington, D.C.

Their last Stateside show looks to be July 28 back in D.C. at Ft. Reno, although that is still being confirmed. There is also talk of some gigs in Japan in August.

Dismemberment are taking a whole bunch of bands along as support for this tour. Among the groups concert-goers can expect to see on select dates are Death Cab For Cutie, Lake Trout, Paris Texas, Cex, John Vanderslice, and Miss Spice & The Malenium Band.

Dismemberment Plan has singled out Miss Spice to lavish a little praise upon. “Anyone lucky enough to be living near the Miss Spice dates should camp out and get there extra early. Most of the world have never heard of go-go, but it’s a style of music native to D.C., and is rarely heard outside D.C.

“We’re talking a 10-piece band with back-up singers, percussionists and a beat that’ll make you wonder why all these indie bands are trying to play like they’re funky.”

On the album front, the Plan’s remix disc, The People’s History Of The Dismemberment Plan, hits shelves September 22. As its title indicates, it’s a collection of interpretations from their fans and contains 12 tracks – “most of them were done by folks who just downloaded bits off our Web site,” according to the band.