After a nine-day stay, many tests, and doctors left scratching their heads, Bennington has been released and is itching to hit the road with his band.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “First of all, I’d like to thank everyone from fans and bands to my friends and the hospital staff who have been very supportive and understanding of my situation.

“I finally got out of the hospital over the weekend after nine days and the doctor told me I need to rest for the next two to three weeks. Right now, it seems like it was some bacteria or virus that spread throughout my intestines and body, putting me in intense pain. It also would not let me eat for a week. My doctors and nurses were amazing and very helpful during my stay.

“We are working on when we will be making up the missed European headline dates and I am sorry we had to miss the festivals. I plan on playing our warm-up show in Las Vegas on June 27 and ripping everyone’s face off this summer on Summer Sanitarium. I also wanted to say I truly appreciate the tens of thousands of get-well emails I got from fans.”

The launches July 4. Face-ripping to ensue.