You will. Once you’ve read The Book Of Concert Trivia, you’ll amaze your friends, astonish your family and rattle your coworkers with fascinating factoids about the intriguing world of today’s contemporary concert scene.

You’ll learn which members of 50 Cent’s entourage voted for President Bush, how many Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey groupies are members of the NRA and the total percentage of Phish fans who believe that The Matrix is a documentary.

But wait, there’s more.

The Book Of Concert Trivia is filled with more than just mesmerizing facts and figures about the men and women that make up the world of live music. Our latest edition also examines the lives of the bands and artists that have entertained us throughout these many years. Did Marilyn Manson really win a Cher lookalike contest while in high school? Did Brian Wilson invent the modern tennis ball? As a child, was Ted Nugent kidnapped by a demonic cult of vegetarians? You’ll discover the truth once you’ve read The Book Of Concert Trivia.

Just think of it! You’ll be the envy of all your friends and the life of all the parties you’re still invited to once you tell them that Neil Young was once a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, that Dismemberment Plan was the inspiration for HBO’s Six Feet Under and how the Spin Doctors invented the portable defibrillator. To order your copy of The Book Of Concert Trivia, just stuff all the cash you can find into an envelope and mail it to the address found on this Web site.

Oh, and we were just kidding about that percentage of ticket-takers that wipe with their left hands. We said that just to get your attention.

Most of them use tissue.