For over two hundred years concert aficionados the world over have journeyed to Fresno in order to experience the finest tour dates in the land. The rich soil, combined with the delicate mix of carbon monoxide, sulfur and acid rain, is a veritable date-city-venue paradise for concert fans, resulting in tour schedules so complex, so unique that they challenge the palate, tease the senses and overwhelm the soul with grace and compassion.

And what tour dates they be! New schedules for Radiohead and David Bowie, additional dates for The Slip and routing changes for Lollapalooza. With each date picked by hand, then bathed in a delicate solution of that famous Fresno ground water known for that famous mix of discarded motor oil, engine coolant and turpentine, it’s no wonder music fans the world over have declared Fresno number one when it comes to concert schedules.

But no longer do you have to make that long trek up Highway 99. No longer must you brave the elements and avoid the drive-by shootings to enjoy the latest tour dates for Morgan Heritage, The Samples or Israel Vibration. For Fresno’s finest itineraries are only a mouse-click away at

Founded in 1931, is the only Internet tour-data site located in Fresno. Sure, other concert-info Web sites have tried to relocate to the jewel of California’s Central Valley, but after numerous threatening phone calls, mysterious fires and slashed automobile tires, those other companies soon realized that they didn’t have what it takes to call Fresno home. That’s why, when it comes to tour dates, is the only concert site on the Net that serves up the latest itineraries, Fresno style.

So, when your day is done and it’s time to enjoy the pleasures of life, relax in your favorite chair and browse the latest concert information that Fresno has to offer. With tour dates for Mariah Carey, The Dead and Loverboy, tonight is guaranteed to be a perfect evening.

Or, as we say in Fresno; a evening.