That’s right – the original lineup of John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten), Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock is back for a two-week run on this side of the pond. Dates stretch from August 20 through September 7 with the venues running from East to West Coast amphitheatres and theatres.

Plans are also under way to take the Pistols to Japan, although things are still being worked out. Their original tour plans had been postponed.

Lydon recently gave insight into his personal thoughts and plans at his North By Northeast keynote speech in Toronto, held at the beginning of June.

“Look, the reason I do the Pistols is (because) that’s where I started and that makes things clear how I went on and I have not changed. In any kind of different music I go into, the momentum is the same; the spirit is the same.

“I don’t really need to go back into PiL,” Lydon said of Public Image Ltd., the band he formed after the Pistols’ demise. “If I do any PiL at all, it will be new and you will not get me doing new Pistols. See, there’s the difference. I do have music of my own waiting to go out.”