Old friend Warren Zanes – who lends his vocals to the Brothers’ new disc – supports on a good chunk of the U.S. shows. Then, the band joins The Tyde on an East Coast run before jetting overseas.

The Pernice Brothers – usually comprising Joe and Bob Pernice, Thom Monahan, Laura Stein, Peyton Pinkerton and Mike Belitsky – are down a couple of mainstays this time around. Both Belitsky and Stein – who, the band assures, will forever be Pernice Brothers – are not on this tour. In their place are Pat Berkery and James Walbourne, respectively.

Pollstar’s records show it’s been two years since the Pernice Brothers engaged in a full-blown tour. At that time, the band was out showing off their second album, The World Won’t End.

A lot has changed with the world since then, and none of it has been lost on head Brother, Joe Pernice. After a long look at his life following the September 11 attacks, Pernice found himself “rediscovering the joy in things and hanging onto them for dear life,” which in turn resulted in Yours, Mine And Ours, out on his label Ashmont Records since the end of May.