The new itinerary finds Dashboard headlining a tour that runs from August 30 through September 18. MxPx and Brand New support on the whole of the outing, while Remedy Session and Vendetta Red ride along at one point or another. Additional dates are expected to be confirmed soon.

Dashboard’s exit from the Beck tour came amid speculation that the outing was floundering at the box office and that the band wouldn’t make the money they needed. Indeed, POLLSTAR’s records show the majority of shows between 50 percent and 90 percent capacity. Venues for a couple of the shows toward the end of the tour were downsized, further fueling speculation.

But Beck isn’t the only one having trouble filling seats. More an indication of the current economic climate than the artist’s popularity, many tours aren’t doing so hot at the box office this season.

POLLSTAR’s Gary Bongiovanni recently told MTV News, “The crop of acts vary from year to year, and the competition for concerts is very high this year. That said, it’s not a particularly bad year, but it’s not great, either.”