All proceeds from the tour will go to the Station Family Fund – a charity set up to provide awareness and financial assistance to those involved with the Rhode Island nightclub tragedy. Money raised through the concerts and other means will go directly to the relief fund.

A handful of shows are confirmed, with more to be announced. The current itinerary finds Great White hitting the road July 22 in Colorado.

As to why the package tour fell apart, L.A. Guns wrote on their Web site there were “insurance issues,” in that clubs were requiring them to buy extra insurance because of what happened in Rhode Island.

“What happened” was a fire at the Great White show in West Warwick, R.I., in February that killed 100 people.

The fire started when the band’s pyrotechnics set fire to foam that had been placed around the stage as soundproofing.

A grand jury is investigating to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.