The Southern California quartet are putting on a benefit concert for a new middle school going up in their hometown of Calabasas, Calif., July 15. The show, held at The Canyon, was established to raise funds for staffing of teachers and acquiring teaching supplies for the upcoming school year for the Alice C. Stelle Middle School.

The school is set to open in the fall, but is now facing financial roadblocks due to California’s $38 billion deficit and cutbacks in the educational system.

“When I found out that there was a middle school being built right down the street from where I grew up, I thought it was great,” guitarist Dan Estrin said. “When I found out that the school couldn’t be finished, after it is more than halfway built, I thought it sucked.

“This new middle school would [have been] the school that I would have gone to if it had been built years ago. I’m stoked that we can do something to help out. Doug (Robb, the vocalist) and I worked with kids for six years before our band was ever signed and we are still down to do what we can for them.”

All proceeds from ticket sales will be given directly to the Alice C. Stelle Middle School Parent Faculty Club to purchase what the teachers need at the school. Tickets are $19.50 in advance and $24.50 at the door, and are available at Ticketmaster.

“We are extremely thankful to Hoobastank for donating their time and talent, and a lot of money, in the end, to help provide … things for the new school,” LeeAnn Wade of the parent group said. “We could not be more grateful.”