Considering that, it’s not too surprising that a look at The BellRays’ latest tour itinerary finds them playing to venerable clubs all over North America. Nine Canadian shows are on the books, scattered in between U.S. shows. Nebula support on the whole of the outing, which runs from August 20 through the start of October.

The BellRays call their music “maximum rock & soul,” and that’s a pretty accurate description of their unique blend of old school punk, ‘60s R&B, and good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

Spearheaded by former jazz singer Lisa Kekaula and her husband, guitarist Bob Vennum, The BellRays found their beginnings in Southern California at the start of the ‘90s. With a shift of Vennum to drums and the addition of Tony Fate on guitar, The BellRays were ready to form their own record label, Vital Gestures.

The band’s latest album, Grand Fury, was released in 2001.