Gone are the long, flowing locks and “mmmbop” sounds. In place is a more mature rock sound and a serious set of members.

Hanson’s acoustic tour launches August 9 on the East Coast. The first set of dates have the brothers on the road through the end of the month, with more shows to be added to the itinerary. Isaac Hanson said in a message on the band’s phone hotline, “The reason for [these] club dates is because this is going to be a mainly acoustic tour and we feel that the close and intimate setting will be the most conducive for the acoustic show.”

The band also has a new album in the wings, although they’re still waiting on a record deal before it can be released. They left their Island Def Jam home earlier this year and have yet to ink in anything else.

As for what fans can expect to hear on the new disc, Taylor Hanson told Billboard back in May that their music is now something “that people can play on the radio and girls can like it, and guys don’t have to be offended by it or vice versa.”