Both bands have some new tunes to show off for waiting fans. Powerman’s Transform, the band’s first album since 1999’s Tonight The Stars Revolt!, was released in May and Adema have one coming out just days after the tour wraps. Their Unstable hits shelves August 19.

Unlike Powerman 5000, who have been out of the headlines for the better part of two years, Adema have worked the road something fierce since the summer of 2001. Save for a few months’ rest between the end of Ozzfest 2002 and this June – presumably to work on Unstable – they’ve been gigging pretty much non-stop for two years.

Powerman, however, are another story. For a band who were known for their hardcore touring, the absence from the road has been a bit tough on the Powerman 5000 crew.

“We haven’t played a proper show in two years and for a band like us, that’s pretty much toured nonstop, it’s a really unnatural feeling,” lead singer Spider One said.

An album fiasco somewhere between 1999 and now was to blame. “We were literally two weeks in front of this thing hitting the shelves when we decided to pull it,” Spider One said. “We had ads, we had a tour booked, we had posters and whatever – all done and ready to go.”

It also cost the band two original members and they were forced to regroup. But they’re back with a disc that finds Powerman 5000 returning to their punk-flavored roots.