We didn’t think you had it in you, but you proved us wrong. You’ve bought more tickets for more concerts this season than any previous year and we think that’s just great. And to think we took you for stay-at-homes, sipping warm milk and watching repeats of Trading Spaces. Yes, you proved us wrong, you made us eat our words and now we’re apologizing. You showed the world that you still know how to rock!

But it doesn’t stop here. It’s only mid-summer and there are plenty of concerts yet to see. Sure, there are some familiar faces – Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Bob Dylan – as well as all the new bands like Audioslave and Evanescence. And if we know our boomers, you’re going to be right up there, front row, center, partying like it’s 1999. Yeah, Dorian Gray ain’t got nuttin’ on you.

But what’s more amazing is that you’ve learned to combine your culture with Generations X, Z and sometimes Y. We saw you flash your tattoos as you danced the night away to Justin Timberlake, we eyeballed your lip piercings while you crowd-surfed at Radiohead and we couldn’t help but notice that you had already passed out before they opened the gates for Ozzfest 2003. Yeah, nice to know some things never change.

So, here’s to you, boomers. We’ll save a seat for you at Nelly, Adema and Muse, because we know the party doesn’t start until your face is in the place. We know you’re gonna see every show that comes to town, including Superjoint Ritual, Peter Frampton and Luciano. You’ll be loud and proud at Willard Grant Conspiracy, and a cool tool at Jewel. You’ll prove to the world that the generation born before 1960 knows how to put that pedal to the metal and rock ’till you drop.

But promise us one thing before you go back out there, okay? Lose the double-knits. Polyester is sooo 1975.

Unless, of course, you’re under 30. Then it’s retro chic.