Already in progress, Frampton and crew’s outing runs through the end of October, and includes venues as varied as casinos and amphitheatres throughout North America. Included on the remaining itinerary is a two-night stand in Peachtree City, Ga. Joe Bonamassa is set as support for several shows.

Although he tours and records under his name, Frampton wouldn’t even dream about leaving home without his band – Bob Mayo (guitar), John Regan (bass) and Chad Cromwell (drums).

“Yes, I’m a solo artist, but I don’t go anywhere without my band,” Frampton said. “If one of them is unavailable, we don’t play; it’s that simple. It’s all of us or none of us.”

That attitude has made Frampton one of the most consistently touring artists. His last outing was over the summer of 2002 when he again teamed up with Journey. The two artists toured the year before, along with John Waite, on a major round of arena shows.