It looks like this is the band’s biggest Stateside venture to date. They were previously on American land in May when they made a couple of stops on each coast.

With their space-age pop sound, Broadcast draw comparisons to Stereolab – not an altogether bad thing. The band formed around 1995 in Birmingham, England, released some singles on now-defunct labels, and finally got to working on their full-length debut a couple years later.

However, the going in the recording studio was tough and it wasn’t until 2000 that their debut, The Noise Made By People, finally saw daylight.

Between releasing their debut and the forthcoming hahasound, Broadcast have managed to tide fans over with a couple of EPs. Most current is the Pendulum EP, which hit shelves in May, just ahead of the band’s U.K. and U.S. shows.

Incidentally, the release of hahasound has been pushed back by one week and will now be released August 11 for the U.K. and Europe, and the following day for fans in the States. The new disc comes in three flavors: as a regular ol’ CD, a limited-edition CD, and on vinyl. Tasty!