Vadim’s latest release, U.S.S.R.: The Art Of Listening, dropped in October of last year. Despite some skeptics’ initial reservations about Vadim’s continuing shift in focus from ethereal instrumentals to guest MC-laden tracks, the album ended up receiving widespread praise.

The Russian-born Vadim Peare, who moved to London when he was just three years old, hadn’t planned on a career in music until an elbow injury sidelined his hopes of a professional tennis career. He bought a sampler in 1992, began making his own tracks and soon founded his own label, Jazz Fudge.

He signed to Ninja Tune in 1995 and has been turning out acclaimed albums and touring ever since. In addition to his many live solo performances and DJ sets, Vadim has performed countless dates worldwide with his own live group, The Russian Percussion, as well as Spanish hip-hoppers 7 Notas 7 Colorez, Sarah Jones and Super Furry Animals.