Named after vocalist Alison Goldfrapp, the band is simply her and beatsmith Will Gregory. The duo hit the ground running with a critically acclaimed and Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut, Felt Mountain, in 2000. Alison was dubbed the new “It” girl and the group’s album ranked a top 10 by other artists.

Much touring ensued and before long, Goldfrapp headed back into the studio to record Black Cherry.

The band went suddenly dark with their sophomore album. Where Felt Mountain is somewhat light-hearted and dreamy, Black Cherry is rough, industrial and erotic. Put it down to recording environment. For the first disc, Goldfrapp recorded in the countryside. But for the second, they opted to write and record in a darkened studio in Bath.

“The closest we got to nature was a calendar on the wall, pictures of trees,” Goldfrapp said of the studio. “I drew on the walls. It was my mood board but I was also just trying to brighten the place up!”

Although the two discs are quite different, fans who’ve seen the band live can attest it’s not a surprising change. Goldfrapp are known for their intense and energetic live shows.