“I love my fans, and so there is not confusion, I took the Farewell Tour (in 2000) for what it was billed for,” Frehley said. “We had a great final leg in Australia and, as far as I was concerned, my career with KISS was over. It was called the Farewell Tour and that’s what I was told it was.

“When I returned from Australia, I did what any person whose job just ended would do – I started planning for the future. I bought a beautiful seven-and-a-half-acre estate, built an extravagant multimedia recording studio, and decided to jump start my solo career by recording my seventh solo album.

“I’m very excited for me and my fans, and what lies ahead. Make no mistake about it – I will kick your ass.”

There’s no word yet on when that album will be released.

Meanwhile, KISS and Aerosmith head out on their co-headlining tour starting August 2.