The North American leg kicks off September 12 in Calexico’s homebase of Tucson, Ariz., and is scheduled to continue until October 19, when they wrap in Denver. The current itinerary includes two stops north of the border, in Vancouver, B.C., and Winnipeg.

The band formed in the early ‘90s when classical music student Joey Burns hooked up with John Convertino in Los Angeles. The two worked together in bands like Giant Sand and Friends Of Dean Martinez before recording their own compositions in their Tucson home studio.

They won early praise for their laid-back, spaghetti-Western-influenced indie rock, and soon found themselves signed to Quarterstick/Touch & Go Records.

With shades of South American music as well as ‘50s jazz and country running through their musical veins, Calexico have developed a following as diverse as their influences.

They’re currently supporting their latest release, Feast Of Wire, which was released in February to characteristically rave reviews.