The rescheduled shows will follow The White Stripes’ gigs in Japan, which round out October. New gigs run from November 10 and are mostly East Coast make-ups.

However, they were not able to reschedule concerts in Norfolk, Va., and Nashville, Tenn. “We will do our best to go back to both of these cities as soon as possible,” the band said in a post on their Web site. “Again, our sincere apologies.”

In an exclusive statement to Brit music rag NME, White said, “A bone in the index finger of my fretting hand was shattered in an automobile accident, making it absolutely impossible to play guitar, especially since I’ve been instructed by doctors that there is no way I can move my wrist until it is completely healed.

“The break did not heal properly and surgery had to be performed. Three screws were placed in my finger to set the bones and insure complete recovery – three screws that will remain in my hand for life.”

And, if there’s any doubt as to Jack’s claim, he’s provided a link on the band’s Web site,, to a film of the surgery.