That’s what most people ask upon visiting Why does it take so many people to post tour schedules for a band like The Mavericks or artists such as Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore? Surely, in this day and age, can’t some of the work be automated?

Fair question. After all, to the uninebriated, the 11,429 men and women that make up the staff probably share a closer resemblance to a Mississippi neck-tie party looking for the guest of honor than a finely-honed research team trained to hunt down concert dates for all acts big and small. Heck, the total number of staff members dedicated to the Swivel Hips Smith tour alone numbers somewhere over 265 researchers. That is, if you don’t count the back-up employees.

Truth be told, we considered automating our workforce at one point in our corporate history. Yes, from the 931 people who unload the raw pixels off of the trucks each morning so that our machinists can convert them into the typefaces and fonts used to display the routings for The Slackers and Steriogram, to the 1,532 workers who manually match up the days with the dates so that Radiohead playing in New York City on October 9 is listed as taking place on a Thursday, we once considered replacing every employee with a machine.

But do you really want that? Do you want your tour schedules, such as the itineraries for Eric Clapton and 50 Cent, to come off of assembly lines like at those other concert-info Web sites? Do you want the impersonal feeling that a Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey schedule, untouched by human hands, conveys, or that aloof, unfriendly sensation when looking at a machine-assembled routing for Stryper or The Ghost? We think not.

But why so many people? It’s simple. We believe in people at, for it’s people who make the difference. People like the 4,471 employees who make up our news staff, the 7,391 hard workers who toil in the processing pits and 2 high school students who work after school in our customer service department. Sure, other concert Web sites would probably reduce a workforce like ours to three data processors and someone to answer the phone, but not us. That’s why you can rest assured that every single date, including the ones making up the listings for Symphony X and Thea Gilmore, has been expertly touched, handled, sniffed, felt, caressed and fondled by each one of the 11,429 men and women who are proud, yet humble, to wear the official jacket and beanie.

And you got to admit, when comparing us to those other concert-info Web sites, that makes all the difference in the world.