The family Followill’s first big headlining U.S. tour is on the docket, and finds the three brothers – Caleb (vocals, guitar), Nathan (drums) and Jared (bass) – and cousin Matthew (guitar) tackling well-established theatres and clubs across North America from September 4 onward.

Jet and 22-20’s are supporting through the 27th. Then the 22-20’s drop off, leaving Jet to shoulder on for the last few shows. The October 2 date in Chicago is just Kings Of Leon.

The monthlong tour follows the Kings’ stint with Lollapalooza, which wraps August 24.

Although their full-length debut album, Youth And Manhood, has been available overseas since the start of July, the disc has only just gotten a Stateside release. Their EP has been enough to have critics predicting this band will make the top 10 rounds at the end of the year.

The story behind the Kings is rather simple: The brothers are indeed sons of a preacha man, having spent their childhood on the road in the South, traveling with their dad from tent meeting to tent meeting.

When their dad “left the clothhood,” as the band says, they “started considering the opportunities we had outside the church, instead of being just what our father was.”

It only made sense they continue what they’d been doing all along – playing music. Only this time around, the Kings Of Leon will be found in theatres and not church halls.