Galactic are trucking straight on through the year on one tour or another. Right now, they’re on the B.B. King Music Festival train, which runs through the start of September. Then, come October 9, the jamband will launch their own Ruckus adventure.

Several stops on the tour will be multi-night outings. Hollywood, Petaluma (Calif.), San Francisco, Atlanta, Boulder, New Orleans and Washington, D.C., will all host the band for at least two shows each.

When Galactic finish up their outing at the end of November, they have a few weeks of rest over the holiday before setting sail with the crew. The group is aboard both cruises, which sail from Florida around the Bahamas in January. An ideal way to fend off winter blahs.

“I feel lucky that we’re a band that can see the road behind us and the road ahead of us,” band member Ben Ellman said. “Look at the people we’re starting to work with and the way we’re putting together our live shows – it’s exciting. And it’s definitely not stagnant – that’s the most important thing.”

Galactic’s newest album, Ruckus, drops October 7.