“Slayer has never done a sponsored tour, mainly because we never thought anyone was worthy enough to have their name alongside ours,” Slayer’s Kerry King said. “But now, with Jagermeister willing to jump on board, we will conquer the U.S. like no one has seen before!”

And conquer they will. Dates for the tour run a solid two months, from the start of October through the end of November, finding Slayer and support acts Hatebreed and Arch Enemy stopping by major and out-of-the-way markets all over the States.

In addition to the three major label acts, each performance will feature a local opening band, sponsored by the Jagermeister Band Program. The program seeks out and promotes up-and-coming talent.

Of course, the famous Jagerettes will also be on hand, along with the Jagermeister buses, to make sure everyone’s having a good time.

In the Jagermeister Music Tour tradition, ticket-holders will get plenty of bang for their buck. Tickets go on sale about six weeks before the tour dates through Ticketmaster, but there’s a big presale rumored going on at slayer.net. No prices have been announced, but previous tours have been a bargain $20.