Estrin was injured in a motorbike accident in Myrtle Beach, S.C., earlier this week.

“We were riding these little mini-motorbikes around the parking lot and Dan drove into a dark roped-off area by the buses,” vocalist Doug Robb said. “The rope caught him in the chest and he fell and hit his head pretty hard on the ground.”

What seemed like a simple injury turned out to be a small fracture in Estrin’s skull, which in turn caused a blood clot that was pushing against his brain. Fortunately, it’s a simple surgical procedure to remove the clot. Estrin is currently in serious but stable condition and is expected to fully recuperate in a few days time.

Meanwhile, all September shows have been canceled, starting with the band’s gig in Memphis on the 2nd. It’s not clear if any shows will be rescheduled.

“The only thing on my mind right now is for Dan to get healthy and back on his feet,” Robb said. “I just ask all our fans to send their best wishes and thoughts Dan’s way.”