Hitting nearly every continent on a quick jaunt, the band tackles North America, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, the U.K. and Europe from September 7 through the start of December. More shows are expected to be announced.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Echo & The Bunnymen are also re-releasing some classic albums, including Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here and Ocean Rain. The LPs are expected to hit shelves in October and contain new artwork, photos and comments from the band.

It’s been a couple of years since the Bunnymen last visited North American shores. Back in 2001, they teamed up with the Psychedelic Furs to teach the uneducated about the origins of Brit rock/pop. The co-headlining tour saw the two bands selling out many theatre-sized venues.

Although native to the U.K., the Bunnymen have characteristically enjoyed more fame in the States. Perhaps the renewed interest in ‘80s music has revived their careers, but it’s ironic that their comeback has proven almost more successful than the first time around.